A happy ‘accident’ is how Jess got into pharmacy when she applied for causal work at the Manly Village Compounding Pharmacy in 2008.  She was mentored by owners Di & Tien and grew to love the sector that saw her achieving a Bachelor in Pharmacy in 2016 and in 2021 becoming a managing partner.

A compounding pharmacy uses the traditional methods of mixing individualised medications for a specific patient, usually symbolised by the image of a mortar and pestle.  Jess says that although we now use modern machinery and equipment, there is often still the need to pull out the old mortar and pestle to crush grainy ingredients before mixing.

Jess has a special interest in natural therapies and is keen to treat her patients ailments ‘as a whole’ rather than only relying on prescription medicines.   Good nutrition and lifestyle are key elements in treating many conditions including menopause.

2023 saw a major redevelopment within the pharmacy.  ‘Wally’ was installed as an automated stock and dispensing robot machine.  This has saved the pharmacy staff a lot of time in alleviating time consuming tasks.

The pharmacy staff are a familiar sight to many customers with a dedicated team, some with 17 and 22 years’ experience.   Staff member Judy is a weekly visitor to many local homes supplying medicine to those who can’t get out.

Pets often also require compounded medicines mixed in different forms, strengths and flavours. Cats and dogs are common but the pharmacy has also supplied medicines to animals of all sizes from rats to horses.

Jess’s commitment to the ‘Village’ has seen her become an active part of the Manly Harbour Village Chamber of Commerce.  She is now secretary on the committee and was a key host in a networking event of local medical and allied health professionals.

Growing up in Wynnum Manly, she is very familiar with the Bayside community. Jess sees herself very lucky to be in Manly Harbour Village, not just for the wonderful location but its people.