The Flinders Building – Wynnum

1977 saw Wynnum’s tallest building open, with the Flinders Building (formerly Oxley House) celebrated as Wynnum’s first high rise with 6 stories allowing stunning views across the bay.

Such was the occasion; the public were invited to attend the official opening in 1978 with a day of festivities with stalls and displays along with raffles.

Entry to inspect the building and ride the lift to the top floor was 20 cents for adults, 10 cents for children and 50 cents for the family. For those who truly wanted to join in the merriment, a helium balloon with a tag displaying your name and competition details were available to buy. The balloons were released from the top floor with the winner being the balloon which travelled the furthest and had the tag returned by the finder. First prize was two Ansett Pioneer coach tickets to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide or Cairns. And the lucky individual who returned the tag was won also a transistor radio. Fun times.

Over the years The Flinders Building has been occupied by many budding businesses and undergone a number of renovations.  The lifts are still a feature along with wide windows with views over the bay to the islands and the Port of Brisbane.

In 2006, a  report claimed the structure “shoots straight up into the sky with featureless brick walls – to the community it is ugly”*. Major design changes were recommend including extending it out towards Chestnut St with added verandas and awnings. The building escaped this fate and as recent as 2018 it was given a coat of paint to transform the dated yellow and grey exterior to a modern white, black and green. At this time, it was noted to be built to a very high standard with no major repairs required.

That is good news to locals who have come to appreciate Flinders as a part of Wynnum history at a time when many iconic landmarks are being lost to progress.

Today the Flinders building is home to a wide variety of businesses from lawyers, accounts, and financial advisors, to engineers, allied health providers, and the Quandamooka Yoolooburrabee Aboriginal Corporation.

B’eats on Bay Café has now opened on the ground floor, and with 100% rental this has given a new generation of local businesses a great place to meet, grow and thrive while enjoying those famous Bayside views.

Contributors:  Leisha Robertson; Benn Woods & Karyn Stroet, Ray White Commercial Bayside

Updated; October 2022