Wynnum Business Interview – Anne Higgs Photography

“Photography is in my blood….I grew up in the dark room” says Anne Higgs as she recounts her upbringing that led to a 30 year career in capturing countless personal moments on film.

Largely self-taught, Anne learnt through her father helping him at weekend weddings.  Photography was his legacy to Anne as she, as one of four siblings, took the mantle and with her love of photography carved out a career as a Wedding Photographer covering over 100 weddings a year.

Based in her Edith Street studio in Wynnum, Anne brings to life magic moments from new born babies, families, couples or any woman looking to have that ultimate glamour shot.  Personal branding photography has also developed with many individuals working for themselves who want to have a professional image…or just a good shot to accompany a dating profile!

From superhero to Harry Potter costumes and an array of pets and musical instruments Anne has captured them all in the personal and intimate space of her studio.

A speciality is the ‘glamour makeover pampering session’ with Anne working with a professional stylist and a selection of glamour wear to make any woman from teens to senior look and feel a millions dollars.   “It’s very rewarding” says Anne, “as I’ve had women cry and hug me after they have seen their photographs and seen themselves in a new light”.

And her secret is not to say just “Smile” but to have a connection with her models using her “commanding eyes’ as she has been fondly told. “Its people skills” says Anne.

And for the future of photography in this digital age? Anne see’s a need to educate the current and future generations that they will not have any photographic family history that is tangible….lost to the digital black hole. “I only use professional photographic paper when printing” she says, “so they are a keepsake forever”.

And why Wynnum?  She adores the Bayside community that has been home for over 15 years.  “I’m a water person loving sailing and walking by the Bay. There’s no other community I know in Brisbane that has feeling like the Wynnum Village community…. I rarely need to leave”.

The long term future is good for Wynnum she sees, having been a slow burn for many years.  Anne is sure to be recording these and its community for future generations.

View her  website for a wonderful array of images…